About the Movement

Most children and young people in care have their belongings moved in black bin bags or plastic shopping bags. We started Madlug to show every child and young person in care that they have huge value, worth, and the right to move with dignity.

Our mission is simple:

To eliminate the use of black bin bags and plastic shopping bags in the care system.

Madlug stands for ‘make a difference luggage’;  With every bag you buy, we give a pack-away travel bag to a child or young person in care.

 Madlug Foundation

Since its inception in 2015, Madlug has seen substantial growth as an organisation, funding and giving thousands of pack-away travel bags to children and young people in care.

In 2020, we added our registered charity, Madlug Foundation Ltd, to deliver the impact of the movement.


We Give

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Our approach

To maximise our impact we have created a new structure of a social enterprise. This is by linking a C.I.C and a registered charity around one mission.

Madlug C.I.C is a registered community interest company (NI630572) and started in 2015. Madlug Foundation Ltd joined the movement in 2020 as a registered charity (NI660774).

We will give 100,000 pack-away travel bags to children in care across the UK and Ireland by April 2024. Because no child should carry their life in a bin bag. #ValueWorthDignity.

About the founder

Dave Linton is a former youth worker turned entrepreneur.  In 2015 he founded the Madlug movement after discovering that most children in care move their belongings in black bin bags. 

He believes that every child and young person has huge value, worth and the right to move with dignity.


Madlug Foundation Ltd is an independent charity governed by a board of trustees. They are  responsible for fulfilling its charitable aims. It also holds the Madlug C.I.C board of directors to account with their bag giving promise.


Helen Dunn (Chairperson)
Leigh Brown (Treasurer)

Dave Linton
Dearbhla Holohan
Paul Gardner
Sarah-Jane Mowbray
Gareth Rees



How is the Madlug Foundation Funded?
  • Madlug C.I.C donates the cost of a pack away travel bag every time they sell a bag. 
  • Partners and Corporates make charitable donations.
  • Donations and fundraising activities
  • Grants
Does the Madlug Foundation provide grants?

No. We are not a grant making organisation and rely on the support of our partners and funders such as Madlug CIC to deliver our mission.

What are the primary roles of each organisation?
  • Madlug C.I.C sells bags and accessories to raise funds for pack-away bags. 

  • Madlug Foundation Ltd co-ordinates and delivers the bags to children and young people in care.

Does Madlug Foundation have staff?

No, it is the responsibility of the social impact co-ordinator at Madlug C.I.C to deliver the giving of bags. This is at no cost to Madlug Foundation.