There are lots of ways that you can get involved and raise money alongside #TeamMadlug

Different ways to raise money

Whether youre willing to tackle a marathon or you just fancy having a clear out with a community car boot sale, there are lots of ways you can raise money and help us support children and young people in care. Here are just a few ideas to you get started:

1) Organise a coffee morning

Want to bring friends, family, work colleagues or neighbours together whilst raising money? Why not host a coffee morning? To get started, pencil a date in the diary and start planning, creating invitations. If you’re thinking of hosting the event at work, have a chat with your boss who can help you to select a date.

Spread the word among those you would like to involve.  If they are willing, ask them to bake something to bring along – the more variety, the better! You can then sell the cakes by the slice along with a cup of coffee (or tea) at a small cost.

For a fun twist, include other activities to support the cause, such as ‘guess the weight of the cake’.  Each person donates an amount of their choice to be in with a chance of winning the star bake.

2) Run a community car boot sale

We’re all guilty of keeping too much ‘stuff’ just for the sake of it. Instead of clinging onto those items gathering dust, why not sell to someone who might make use of them? After all, your junk could be someone else’s treasure! As well as being a great excuse for a clear out, having a car boot sale is a good way to raise money for a good cause.

Car boot sales can range from small garage sales to organised events.  These usually need you to pay a small fee for a ‘pitch’. If you’re planning on the latter, it’s a good idea to take a folded table along to display your goods. Making it easier for buyers to browse your items. You might also want to bring paper or canvas bags for carrying items, and plastic sheets for when it rains.

3) Set up a bake sale

If there’s one fundraising activity that’s guaranteed to raise money for a wonderful cause, it’s a bake sale. A traditional choice in schools and workplaces, you can set up anywhere and sell to anyone. To get people involved, consider creating a sign-up sheet. You can pin it to a noticeboard in your school, workplace, or community centre, for example. You could also invite people via Facebook.

If you’re not part of a school or college. Organising your bake sale around something like a sporting event or theatre production. Guaranteed to attract the attention of hungry passersby. When it comes to actually setting up, remember, presentation is everything. Small touches like colourful tablecloths can make the world of difference.  Catering to various diets, such as gluten-free and vegan will also prove popular.

4) Organise a rounders tournament

For many of us, rounders was the first sport we ever learned in school. For a fun way to raise money for the Madlug Foundation, get a few teams together, asking for donations to play.  Most people are willing to pay this for a taste of nostalgia.

Depending on the amount of interest, you could choose to organise a small game or go all out with a tournament.  If you want to set up a larger event, look at contacting a local sporting organisation. You could also contact local food vendors for donations for refreshments.

5) Run a marathon

Looking for a new challenge? Consider running a marathon to raise money for the Madlug Foundation. Register your JustGiving fundraising page.  You can sign up here.  If a marathon is too much,  you can choose to take part in 5k runs, 10k runs, or half marathons.

Once you have signed up for your chosen race, think about establishing goals.  Share your fundraising targets, fundraising page to your friends, family and colleagues.  You should also be sure to explain why this cause is important to you. Feel free to take a peek at our story for a little inspiration.

Do your own thing

Got a unique idea to raise money for the Madlug Foundation? Let us know what you have in mind.

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