Adult and child holding a red request a bag

Warwickshire Council joins the movement.

Warwickshire Council has recently received a donation of Madlug Pack-away travel bags for their children and young people in care. This generous donation ensures that children in the care system will no longer have the risk of bin bags or plastic shopping bags being used to transport their belongings.

The Madlug Pack-away travel bags are specifically designed for children in care and provide a practical and dignified solution for transporting their belongings. Each bag is made from high-quality materials, is lightweight, and can easily be packed away when not in use.

The Warwickshire Council is grateful for this donation as it aligns with their commitment to improve the experiences of children in care. The use of bin bags or plastic shopping bags for transporting belongings is wrong and no child should have their life moved in a bin bag.

The Madlug Pack-away travel bags offer a much-needed solution to this problem, and the council is proud to be able to provide them to children and young people in their care.

Without the generosity of our movement, this impact would not have been possible.

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